The Dragon Playground


I belong to that generation of children whose playtime places included the once ubiquitous sandpit playgrounds. The old swing was the best thing ever; as a kid, nothing very much came close to the kind of exhilaration it gave me, wind in face, as I watched the sky come and go with each swing.

This is one of the last-standing sandpit playgrounds of that era. Back then, playgrounds were built in the shape of animals and fruits, with the dragon being the commonest design. As time evolved, such outdoor playtime equipment were replaced by a new type of playground (on rubber mats) that was designed for a wider crowd.

This old dragon playground has gained quite a bit of fame in recent years (with calls from members of the public to conserve it), and is perhaps even over-photographed. But for those of us who grew up playing in these sand pits, a tinge of nostalgia lingers till today. Well it did for me at least, and I thought I had to see one for myself again – just for old times’ sake.










A rope hangs where a swing used to be.


12 thoughts on “The Dragon Playground

  1. This is truly fantastic – it has such a vintage, nostalgic feeling!
    It may be over photographed, but it is certainly something I had never seen before and it is so interesting to look at! Love the whole series!

  2. That looks so much more charming than rubber playgrounds (assuming there is a similarity between the ones in Singapore and Sweden)!

    Do kids of today even go outside and play? Don’t they just stay indoors and play their Playstation’s and Game Boys? πŸ™‚ Pfff!

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