Mini update


Lately, I’ve been catching up on TV , so much that it was about all I did in the last one week since Korean classes ended. Even last week’s posts were scheduled to minimise disruption to my TV calendar. I am quite the TV addict alright.  Anyway, I do hope to put up the last batch of my Sydney photos next week; they are some of my favourite from the trip. And by the way, I hope you are enjoying the rest of the weekend!



2 thoughts on “Mini update

  1. I don’t have a tv but sometimes at night i put on some streaming on my mac,i think i lost myself while watching television and try to do it as little as possible,but in winter is one of th greatest activities ❤

    1. I try not to start of serials with endless episodes so tt I won’t lose myself! But yes even though we don’t have winters here, I love nothing more than watch tv under my comforter when it rains!

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