Orange Thimble


This quaint café in Tiong Bahru has been around longer than most in the area but I did not have the chance to settle for a coffee until recently. The iced latte was just the thing I needed that hot afternoon, after a photography trip to Kampong Buangkok. I was especially charmed by the interior décor of the cafe. Any space with cemented floors and lots of wood just does it for me it seems!







19 thoughts on “Orange Thimble

  1. I always seem to be stuck between cold beverage or hot coffees.Even if its hot outside,cafe’s ac makes it tempting for coffee:)
    The food looks good…and the wall art looks nice.

  2. I’ve not been back to Singapore in about 1.5 years and looks like there has been quite a few new places that popped up in Tiong Bahru. I’ll be returning for a visit next month, so maybe will get to check them out!

    1. A lot of cafes have popped up indeed… with quite a number concentrated in tiong bahru and duxton. Give both places a visit if you have the time to spare!

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