[Sydney] Belljar Coffee on Alice St


Belljar Coffee is a hole-in-the-wall café along Alice St, Newtown. Run by a couple, the cafe serves up simple and affordable food, and brew a very decent cup of coffee. I enjoyed the smallness of the space very much for it ignited a sense of warmth in me. Stepping into Belljar is also akin to going back in time. The café is decorated all over with old things in mismatched colours, and exudes a genuinely casual and unpretentious feel.









12 thoughts on “[Sydney] Belljar Coffee on Alice St

  1. Hi Evelyn. May I use the top photo on a blog I am writing about International food bloggers/writers/photographers? I know you aren’t solely focused on food, but you take such stunning picture, people would be very inspired. I will, of course, give you credit and links to your blog. Let me know and thank you!

    1. I found great reviews on it on the internet, and even though it was hard for us to locate, it was well worth the while once we were seated inside!

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