Lou Hei


The ISO 160 film is too slow for night shots, and as a result, the focus turned out all messy and the photos, grainy. I’m posting them anyway to reminisce that particular day during Chinese New Year where we gathered to toss Yusheng (otherwise known as Lo Hei), a traditional dish that symbolizes prosperity and abundance. If you are interested, it is a salad made up of a variety of shredded vegetables, slices of raw fish (usually salmon), condiments, and other ingredients. Families and/or friends would toss up a plate of yusheng while uttering auspicious phrases. The mixed dish is then portioned out and served to all.





8 thoughts on “Lou Hei

      1. I made lo hei from scratch once – including grating all the vegetables, (peeling and) crushing the peanuts, and even frying wonton skin to substitute for the crispy bits of ‘gold’! Not difficult but a lot of work, though it was well worth it since I was living in Paris and it was a nice way to celebrate CNY.

      2. Oh wow. I know you said you missed lo hei but I didn’t know you missed it enough to make it! I hope you get to eat it the next time cny comes!

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