Behind the camera, and away from home.


(Canon A1, Lady Grey 400)

Travelling and film photography are some of the things I derive plenty of happiness from. The problem with putting the two together, however, is that I almost never get pictures of myself on film. And this eats me when I am travelling. So I take a self-portrait with my camera to put myself permanently in a place and time I would like to remember.

From top: (i) Tuk Tuk in Bangkok, Thailand (ii) Outside a furniture warehouse in Sydney, Australia (iii) Ubud Market in Bali, Indonesia (iv) Pier 2 Art Centre in Kaohsiung, Taiwan (v) Bathroom in Taichung, Taiwan.

(Canon A1, Uxi 200)


(Canon A1, Earl Grey 100)


(Canon A1, Agfa vista 200)


(Nikkormat ftn , Kodak bw400cn)


7 thoughts on “Behind the camera, and away from home.

  1. Sara Martins

    i always do this,i have hundreds of pictures of me in mirror,shop windows etc 🙂

    sometimes i use the timer, and so i can get a ‘self without the camera’!

      1. Monika

        ooh unfortunately I stopped using Instagram last month so I’ll be waiting for it to appear on your blog again 😛 though I think it’s very intriguing to follow someone’s work and not really know how they look like 😀

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