KAOHSIUNG | Taiwan Sugar Museum 台湾糖业博物馆 – Part 1


(Canon A1)

I’m home from Sydney. I have some thoughts about it but I need to organise them a little first. Speaking of which, I haven’t got down to sorting my pictures from Bangkok (Feb) but they will have to wait until I am done with the last from Sep/Oct’s Taiwan trip. Where had all the time gone?!

On another note, I am rather excited to be (finally) blogging about the Taiwan Sugar Museum that Xy and I visited in Kaohsiung. An old sugar refinery turned museum, it is located near the Ciaotou Sugar Refinery Metro Station.

The ambience within the abandoned confines of this place is amazing. The settings are left mostly intact, as it is, allowing the visitor to feel as if he or she is sharing the same breathing space in the same era as the people working there. It seemed to me that they have only gone home for the day and will return to work tomorrow. The feeling is extremely surreal.

p.s. You can find more pictures of the refinery in xy’s blog.














2 thoughts on “KAOHSIUNG | Taiwan Sugar Museum 台湾糖业博物馆 – Part 1

  1. I’ve been peaking at your blog for quite some time and I really like your photos! They help me to not give up on shooting film 🙂

    I really like when you and Katie “sync” your blogs. It’s interesting to see the same place shot with two sets of eyes.

    Looking forward to see more of your shots from 橋頭 🙂

    1. Hi Linus, thanks for the comment! It was really interesting for us too, to see how we perceived the same places – at the same time – through our individual lenses.

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