[Taichung] For Farm Burger 田乐


(Canon A1)

I will be heading to Sydney in 24 hours (whee!), and have scheduled a couple of short posts to reduce my backlog, starting tonight. In the meanwhile, here is a post on a burger joint I visited in Taichung.

For Farm Burger is an eatery which promises to serve up burgers prepared only with naturally-grown ingredients. Its premises have been converted from an old Taiwanese house, and it retains quite a fair bit of old charm through the use of vintage furniture. It was dark when I arrived, and it was very fortunate that I managed these photos before the light was completely gone.












Solaris 200 Lucky 200

10 thoughts on “[Taichung] For Farm Burger 田乐

      1. Steve Osborne

        When I ordered the films a few weeks ago, I got confused and ordered a bunch of Sunny 100 films, instead of Lucky, so I won’t be able to re-produce the wonderful results you achieved in low light before correcting that mistake 😦

  1. pjbrez

    Lovely bokeh here, nicely captured! Lucky 200 is a great film for its price. Personally, I’m a big fan of Lucky SHD 100 black and white film. It’s got a real nice lo-fi look and sometimes the whites of the image give off this odd glowing effect.

      1. pjbrez

        Definitely give it a try if given the chance. I’ve seen a store on ebay sell ten rolls of it for around $28. You really can’t go wrong for $2.80 a roll! But, again, maybe you won’t like the style. Perhaps shoot a roll or two of it first to see if you like its old, lo-fi look : )

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