(Nikkormat ftn)

I stayed in Taichung for 2 nights when I was in Taiwan last year. There was a place there I wanted to see, so I decided to make the trip and do a bit of exploring at the same time. My trip turned out to be a invigorating one for the soul.

During the day, I walked on for hours and took photographs along the way. I wandered off the planned route. When I got tired or hungry, I checked into cafes for breaks. Time seemed to slow down; I had no use for my watch.

At night, the cold winds raged on outside and the dimly lit streets were intimidating, but I’d felt safe and warm within the 4 walls of my accommodation. Both nights, I had instant noodles for a late night snack, and my book and writing materials beside me. They made me feel safer (and warmer) for some reason.

I should have posted these pictures earlier, but I guess I never found the time to until now. Some are rather underexposed due to poor lighting conditions at night, but still they make me happy because they remind me of some of my favourite times ever.





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