friday night


(Nikkormat ftn)

I’m sitting at Domes, alone. It’s Friday night and I have no plans. I call my sister at times like this, but she is on her way to meet friends today. She is usually my last resort, but that’s what sisters are for – it’s a tacit agreement.

I made a trip to the photo lab and museum before winding up here. I tried a new route to the lab and I’m pleased with it; I no longer have to zig-zag my way through the busy Bugis shopping strip to get to it. The lab uncle promised to  prioritize my rolls so that I can pick them up at noon tomorrow. I had actually asked to collect them when the shop opens at 11 the next day, not realising how unreasonable I sounded since I’d only arrived at the lab 10 mins to closing. I guess noon was fair.

Domes was abnormally empty at 8. I picked a seat at the back of the  restaurant, the one in the middle which gave me a bird’s eye view of the whole room. The couple to my eleven o’clock was passionately involved with each other. I really didn’t mean to spy; I was mostly occupied with my phone and food, but I saw them through my glass of latte when I lifted it for a gulp. I don’t think they saw my revolted expression. It was fleeting, really.

That aside, I quite enjoy the quiet here, with just the waiters and pop music, and the humming of the coffee machine in the background.  I didn’t realise I’ve been in here for more than an hour until the lady beside me called for her bill. That’s when I noticed that the place has filled up, just like my blog post has. Funny how the words flow today.


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