TAIPEI | Myowa on Yong Kang Street 永康街


(Canon A1)

I went down to Yong Kang Street a few days shy of the opening of the new Dong Men station, so I had to drop off at Guting station and walk a good 15 minutes there. It was another pastry cafe that I’d marked out on my itinerary, but there were too many people inside the shop and too few desserts on display. So I went next door to Myowa (和茗甘味處), decided I could really do with a iced matcha latte, and took a queue number.

What’s nice about Yong Kang is that many of its cafes are hidden in the quieter alleys. While exploring the area, I contemplated giving up my queue number for another cafe. But I stuck to my choice ultimately, and I’m glad I did. It was quite an awesome glass of iced matcha latte.

On a related note, my companion for much of this trip has finally convinced herself to blog about the trip before tending to her backlog of older photos (yay). It will definitely be exciting to see how differently – or similarly – we interpret the same places with our cameras!







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