Weather report


(Canon A1)

While putting together my itinerary, I mentally prepared myself for 11 rainy days in Taiwan. There is reason to be apprehensive; besides the gloomy weather forecast, I have encountered erratic weather on my last 3 visits to this country, and always the rain.

But this time, the sun blazed in Kaohsiung, and the passing typhoon skirted Taichung, sending the winds down the alleys of the city (Taichung sky video), but not the rain.

And Taipei. The city was surely losing the summer by the last of September, but it kept its blue skies as I explored its many streets, embraced by the sweet hint of fall in the breeze.

I couldn’t have asked for better weather.




ProFoto XL 100
Colorplus 200
Lucky 100

7 thoughts on “Weather report

  1. XY

    It really was the best two weeks weather-wise this year. It went on for about a week or so after you left! 🙂 Everyday was like a miracle.

  2. juwind

    Hi evelyn, wanted to comment on your Langkawi trip but the comment was closed. i nvr been the Laman padi althought i’m a Langkawian. love all the films photos that you took!

    1. evelyn Post author

      Hey juwind, I didn’t realise that comments have been disabled for my past posts, and have enabled it 😀

      Thanks for the lovely comment… your blog is very inspirational to me. My experience with laman padi is the same as your experience with Singapore – there are so many places you’ve been to here that I have not 😉


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