vintage pictures of the zoo – Part 1

animal 6

My pictures from Taiwan are not here yet, so I thought I’ll post some old zoo pictures in the meanwhile. They will be split into 2 posts – one of 4-limbed animals and the other of birds.

Recently I scanned some vintage film pictures into my computer because I found them disintegrating due to over-exposure to moisture. I couldn’t separate the pictures from the plastic sheets without spoiling the former, so I scanned them in together.

The pictures came from the only photo album I owned as a child, of 2 mice sipping wine in a tub on its cover, and stuck with ninja turtle stickers. There’s quite a bit of sentiment there, so it is with much regret that this has to happen. I should really take a picture of the album, just for keepsake.

Anyway these zoo pictures hail from 1986 and, according to my mum, were taken by her ex-colleague, so that I can learn about animals and birds. It’s rather cute to hear this 26 years on.

animal 2

animal 3

animal 4

animal 17

animal 15

animal 5

animal 12


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