Singapore Arts Museum: The exhibits

(Canon A1)

Low speed film is not exactly ideal for poorly-lit places like museum exhibitions. But having said that, I only had a roll of ISO 100 film with me that particular evening, so I used it, and I think… the photos didn’t turn out so bad after all.


Jia Aili’s “Seeker of Hope” exhibition is currently my favourite installation at the SAM. It is easy to be drawn to his artworks which convey feelings of loneliness, solitude, and hope with its bold yet simple lines. According to the SAM exhibition guide, Jia’s paintings are “a reflection on the dramatic changes in Chinese society after 2000.”

We were lucky to have visited the museum a week before the Night Festival. It was nearly empty, and we had the luxury of browsing the exhibits at our own pace (without anyone walking into my photos).

We also hopped over to Wu Guanzhong‘s oil painting exhibition, “Seeing the Kite Again”. I was impressed with the works, but left feeling a little depressed over my failure to understand the passage that he penned.

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