on Words.

“When we write, we offer the silence as much as the story.
Words are the part of silence that can be spoken.”


This is a quote taken off Jeanette Winterson ‘s newest book, Why be happy when you can be normal – her version of her life, of what she calls “the silent twin”. I’m halfway through it, and I have returned to this quote 3 times.

Jeanette Winterson has been one of my favourite authors since I picked up her book at 18. There was a huge gap in my life – more specifically, my teenage years – when I didn’t read. I read fervently as a child, and I could not be sure why I stopped, although I half-suspect that reading became too much of an indulgence in my pursuit of good results and good schools. (If only I saw then that reading would have boosted my grades in some subjects. Then again, those were also the subjects that weren’t getting their fair share of attention from me…)

It’s not always that I understand the content of her books in entirety. But even if my interpretations are wrong or incomplete, the language is so beautiful that I could read the books and fall into her words over and over again.


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