last week’s cycling

(Superheadz wide and slim)

Took this on my way to class sometime in the last part of 2011. It was along a path I used to take to get to evening class, but since class ended in March, I haven’t been on this road much. Developments have not sprouted up yet, so the sky is still pretty vast here.


Talking about reminiscence, I was longing to cycle and headed for ECP last weekend. It must have been a while since I last visited the park, because the bike prices have increased substantially, with a charge on the second hour, and no basket and water provided (don’t they used to go for $6-8 for an hour, and come with a free hour even on weekends, a basket, and a bottle of water?).

That aside, I rather enjoyed the cycling until I met with a collision that left me 2 bruised legs and a right knee scabbed in four places. I’ve seen worse on the same knee, so I let these be, without ointment and plasters. By mid-week, 2 of them had festered.

So I decided to shelf the week’s exercise plans, and lounged on the sofa with a book instead. I’ve completed Ali Smith’s The First Person and Other Stories while resting my knee. If I were feeling guilty over the lack of exercise, the guilt evaporated when I developed a runny nose and sore throat too. My decision is now entirely justified.

The good news is, despite the knee, I finally got down to ironing my clothes. You’ll never believe how much motivation it takes for me to drag that steam iron out, and that’s only part one of the whole business of ironing.

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