Kyoto on film: Kiyomizudera’s exterior

(Canon A1)

I remember this day to be cold and wet. We were huddled outside a convenience shop eating rice balls. It’s the first time we ate those, and we found ourselves trying to separate plastic sheet from seaweed without touching the rice ball. We giggled over our clumsiness; I’d felt a shard of self-consciousness but continued peeling at the wrapper anyway… and then I did it! The plastic wrapper slid off, with the seaweed still intact. Nevermind I looked the part of a novice, and nevermind that my seaweed was slightly torn in places.

We were so hungry we forgot to take pictures of our take-away lunch for our personal food diary.


The rain ceased as we were finishing our lunch, so we began on our journey to the Kiyomizu temple. Throughout the walk, the drizzle came in short intervals. Umbrellas opened and closed, but everyone’s moods appeared to be light. Including ours.

The sky was crowded with grey clouds, but the gloomy weather did not interfere with the aesthetics of this place! At least not to me 🙂


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