Tiong Bahru Bakery

(Canon A1)

I mentioned in an earlier post that we paid the newly-opened Tiong Bahru Bakery a visit recently. More travel photos from my Japan trip would have to wait, because my film pictures from last weekend’s food trip are out and I cannot wait to share them.

We joined the snaking queue, and I took a few quick snaps while my friend ordered our food. The savoury tuna bread (unofficial term) turned out to be a disappointment even thought it looked so appetizing sitting in the display. The brioche and croissant, on the other hand, looked boring in comparison but tasted awesome.

What’s a chill-out without the friends?

The staff are really nice people who came over for a chat a couple of times. Luke, the co-owner of the bakery-cafe, even invited us to the kitchen for a short 5-minutes tour. And that’s where we saw the best croissants in Singapore being baked!

We are definitely going back for more bread.

2 thoughts on “Tiong Bahru Bakery

  1. My god you are so fast! My office is just next door and I have not visit it yet. Makes me wanna drop by soon. Awesome photos dear

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