of oddities and boredom

The weather is a little odd today.

Heard thunder while dressing for work, and was prompted to cloak myself in a shawl. I even attempted to wake my sister up with threats of looming rain. But it was sunlight that poured in when I opened the door, and I’d felt a little silly standing at the doorstep in my extra layer of clothing.

The thunder accompanied me on my walk, but the rain did not join in the parade. I was squinting from too much sun in my eyes, and I thought, gleefully, that there might jolly well be a rainbow later, after the rain had come and gone. Perhaps I could take a picture; that would be very nice indeed. But the rainbow never did appear.



My thoughts are rather dispersed today, and I don’t have much of a point to make, clearly. Bookmarked a few new blogs, checked out cafes in Tokyo (what on earth for, really), jotted down some food places to visit locally, and made a mental note to iron clothes. Have I mentioned recently that I needed to iron clothes? It’s the same pile, by the way. I need to find a solution to procrastination of all things that I dislike.

And by the way, this is a really cute handmade mini-doll (head) from Korea gifted to me by a colleague. Love the houndtooth fabric.




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