Tokyo on film: tsukiji market

(Canon A1)

Most of the time in Japan, I was just glad to leave my fingers in my pockets because it was freezing out there. I took very little film, and I also tragically lost a roll. Regretable, because I actually looked through my film pictures a lot more than the hundreds of shots I took with my DSLR.

Here’s the Tsukiji Market in Tokyo. We don’t know when the change took effect, but tourists are not allowed into the fish market before a certain hour now. We were at the market by 7am and managed to sneak in for a short while to check out the action within. And then we headed off to have our fill of sashimi in the vicinity. 

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2 thoughts on “Tokyo on film: tsukiji market

  1. Aah, yay to your Tokyo archives! Time to go grab a bowl of popcorn…I wanted to go to Tsujiki so badly but jetlag had other plans for us. So jealous of the sushi you ate!

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