morning blues

The festive mood in this part of town has more or less settled, with CNY celebrations coming to an end. Normalcy is slowly diffusing back into life.

The atmosphere at the wet market was visibly more subdued this morning as stall-owners went about picking up remnants of the celebratory week just past. They were emptying the make-shift tents of contents and shifting their goods into the market when I walked by, without much of an utterance or sign of vitality.

They cut an even solemner figure under the radiance of the morning sun. Given the appropriate dosage of warmth emitted, it was intended to be a cheery day, but even I was walking with heavy steps, lids heavier with sleep. I really wanted to embrace the weather if I couldn’t scramble back into bed, but I wasn’t in the mood for any form of appreciation, not even good ol’ music, so I simply laboured on, without music, patiently waiting for the fatigue to wash over.


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