a few key things about my film photog. endeavours

A Nikkormat purchased in Oct last year didn’t arrive. That’s 3 months ago and USD90, including shipping. It’s a goner, I thought, but I decided to make one last attempt at obtaining an amicable closure with the seller anyway. Turns out that the camera was returned to him and he couldn’t reach me at my US telephone number to settle this transaction, and he would do a full refund (better offer than the partial refund I suggested) or re-send me the camera.

I thanked him, confirmed I still wanted the camera, and let in that my US address and number come from my commsgateway account that I use to buy stuff from online US shops. Thought it would be friendlier this way, since I had been almost sure I wouldn’t get a response from the seller when I typed the first email.

Fingers crossed.

In similar news, I am onto my 4th roll of film. My 3rd finished roll is sitting in its canister, waiting for an opportune time to be delivered to the photo studio. In it holds images from last Oct on, of what I can’t remember anymore. I’m actually quite excited to develop the roll; the images were made with my Superheadz wide and slim, a rather fool-proof camera I dare say. I am a lot more nervous about those from the Canon A1.

As I begin to nurture a love for film, I am also increasingly aware of its scarcity. It is fitting to say then that recent news about Kodak filing for bankruptcy left me with a heavy heart.

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