… I understood that if I were strong enough to accept it, I was being offered a second history.

I never thought of myself as an optimistic person. Composed maybe, but not optimistic. Frequently worrying that the system could put me at the shorter end of the yardstick.

“Unfairness” was a difficult pill to swallow.

I had to have someone tell me that I am optimistic before I started to believe that I could actually own a trait like that. She said, you are always able to laugh things off.

This was not quite enough optimism in my opinion.
But it was a start.

So it began, this tiny journey to self-discovery, this conscious effort to put a speckle of optimism in what I do, and even what I think.

The power of a single positive thought lies in its ability to turn the day around. I will never stop being angry about being shortchanged or disadvantaged, but I find it easier to let go now and more purposeful to put the energies into developing the self.

This approach sits well with me, definitely more so than occupying myself with matters that have past or cannot be changed – and blaming someone or something for the presumably poor state I land in.


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