What’s your inner diagram?

Yesterday, a friend, a dear one whom I don’t meet up with enough – admittedly -because for some reason, I am always hesitant to steal time from an extremely promising and busy pHD student, well, she shared with me her inner diagram.

This diagram takes the form of a quick sketch with arrows and key words, and pictures if you’ll have them. She explained that her diagram encompasses a fear that she could never pin-point until she drew it out.

It took me by surprise because she was always so confident and competent, and an all-rounder to boot.

I’m sure we all have our inner undrawn diagrams, she told me. I don’t deny that. We probably have a lot more worries and fears than we articulate, and things don’t change for the better if we continue to hide in the shadows instead of addressing them.

Maybe I need to draw my own inner diagram too, I replied.

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