A random day at Pique Nique

Omelettes, only because poached eggs ran out.
Aromatic cappuccino served with excellent ambiance on a cute saucer.
A random stranger. And jokes, the usual.
Don’t you people get sick of them?

The chatter of bridesmaids. Long coffee shop talks.
Bubble tea –  Since, what? We were 15?
Tastes as good. Girlfriends.
Hi… Glad to meet you. Can I have your name?


2 thoughts on “A random day at Pique Nique

  1. Didn’t know you were a poached-egg exclusive too!

    P.S. My recipe browsing habit has led me to discover a Turkish dish – Cilbir, which is poached egg with yogurt. I shall master that someday and you will be invited to my dining table.

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