An afternoon at Loysel’s Toy and Antoinette

What better way to start a Saturday morning than brunch?

We had our first meal of the day at Loysel’s Toy, a small cafe located inconveniently in a warehouse-like building along Kampong Bugis. I read that it is opened by the same people behind damn good coffee at Papa Palheta, but I haven’t been there myself so I cannot affirm the quality of the coffee. Then again, I figure I wouldn’t be able to distinguish between the different grades of coffee anyway, since I’ll choose tea over coffee most days.

Still, I must admit that my cappuccino at Loysel’s Toy is worth my little gamble. It tastes pleasant – for a lack of better description (sorry, but I am not a coffee expert or food critic?), and it’s not everyday that I find coffee which could do without a dose of sugar. Amazing, ain’t it?


We already had the intention to check out Antoinette, so our spirits weren’t dampened by the mediocre food at Loysel’s.

Antoinette is tucked away at the corner of Penhas Road. It was crowded by the time we arrived past 1pm, but we were lucky to get a cozy seat under the huge ceiling light with the Antoinette logo.

Have I neglected to say that my companions and I are incredulously into our cameras, so we could be sure that no one was left bored in a corner at any one time? And while everyone else was invited to sit under warm soothing light, we were exceptionally happy to be given seats under white light. Perfect for photo-taking business.

Here’s my new Superheadz wide and slim camera and theheydayshop pouch I recently acquired.

So I side-tracked.

If you are a fan of Canelé, you might find some of the pastry at Antoinette familiar. Well, that’s only because the brains behind Antoinette used to be a pastry chef at Canelé. We had macaroons in passionfruit/chocolate, caramel sea salt, sesame, and earl grey flavours, Antoinette’s specialty earl grey-chocolate cake, and a slice of light rose cream tart to go with our tea. (I secretly like the hazelnut-crusted Le Royale best.)

We give this place 2 thumbs up for the good ambiance and delectable pastry!

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