Aussie Vacation: Rottnest Island

On hindsight, Rottnest is a really pretty place. Its beauty is concealed in little pockets around the island, and if you don’t look hard enough, you might just leave the island without discovering it at all.

Rottnest is a bicycle island.

I was expecting more buzz on the island, but when we arrived, it was quiet and everyone was kind of just chilling on the grass, having a bite at the cafe, or on their bicycles. We were not used to a slow life, that’s for sure, and it was apparent after an hour when boredom seeped in. We were done with seagull-gazing and brochure-browsing, and we had nothing else on us that could occupy us.

We were on the verge of dismissing the island as boring, and almost passed up its magnificence, when a kind volunteer at the island told us about the salt lakes. The walk to the lakes was worthwhile.


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