Let’s go anywhere.

I had a secret desire. I wanted to take the public bus in Bangkok. And I finally realized it this year. Our destination? Sampeng Lane, shopping haven for wholesalers looking to acquire hair accessories and stationery. It is also where we discovered the largest (and one of the tastiest) otah we have ever eaten from a roving food cart.

By late afternoon, we were done with Sampeng lane and hired a tuk tuk to Sukhumvit for a mini cafe-hopping adventure. Our first stop is Big Knit, a knitting-cum-cafe outlet with the most awesome coconut cake. I have no idea what cream that is, but it is so flavourful and fresh that I wish I could haul a few slices of that cake home.


We had a difficult time locating our next destination, Ai Garden – a pastry and ice cream cafe at the Nihonmachi Japanese Village on Sukhumvit Soi 26. 2 cabbies had given us up before some kind-hearted Thais tried to help us by describing our destination to the 3rd cabbie. Even so, the cabbie wasn’t too sure and though we alighted at the right area, we weren’t anywhere near our exact location. Unsure, we walked in circles and stopped to ask for directions twice. We were at the point of giving up when we found it.

(L – Macha marshmallow ice cream; R – Banana peanut butter ice cream, Background – Thai milk tea)

We were so comfortably rested that we decided to spend our evening there, instead of heading to the last cafe – an ice-cream parlour – on our list.



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