Let’s go anywhere II

Little did I know that my next ride on the public bus would be the next day, when we took the 6.05 morning bus to Hua Lumphong railway station. We departed Bangkok for Ayuttaya on the 6.40am train, paying 20THB for 3rd class tickets. (Side note: With the railway train, we have travelled on most of the transport forms in Bangkok)

At Ayuttaya station, tuk tuk drivers swamped us to offer their services for 200THB/ hr. We did not hire any as we could take a boat to the other side of the town for a mere 4THB each. From there, we hired a cab to bring us to Wat Mahathat for 40THB.

We were unable to venture to other temple relics under the scorching sun so we detoured to the Ayothaya floating market instead and had shaved iced with carnation milk and fruits there. Yummy on a hot day.

The ride back to Bangkok was not pleasant. The air was warm and brought with it dust from outside. We chomped on seaweed pieces and then took a nap under the humidity of the early afternoon.

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